Macbook repair service in Montreal, Quebec

Logic Board repair montreal

Unlike our competitors we can fix your logic board rather than replacing it. This therefore allows us to complete the repair for a fraction of the price offered elsewhere for the same result.

We are specialists in repairing Apple computer logic boards. If you got a liquid spill or your logic board is suddenly dead, we have the skills to help you.

Our job is to find and replace faulty components on the logic board in order to bring your device back to life.

Common macbook problems we repair
Macbook won’t turn on
Macbook restarts or shuts down for unknown reason
Macbook battery is no longer charging
Charging connector (Magsafe) no longer lights up
The Macbook does not run on the battery, but run on the AC adapter
The screen does not have a backlight, but has an image
The computer runs incredibly slow
The fans are spinning fast and loud all the time
Wifi card, bluetooth not detected
Sound card not detected
Hard drive not detected (Question mark folder)
Defective USB or HDMI port
Keyboard or trackpad not detected